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Michael P. Sweeton for County ExecutivePlease take a moment to browse the site for opportunities to find out more about me and my positions, to join us as a volunteer, to make a contribution, or to contact us with questions.

I have been working hard for the residents of the Town of Warwick for the past 11 years to make it a place we all love to live. Together with the Town Board we have been able to maintain a stable tax rate, streamline government services for efficiency and cost savings, nurture the PDR program to preserve roughly 3,000 acres of farmland, expand our recreation areas and park programs, obtain grants totaling more than $15 million dollars for our taxpayers, and found innovative, cost effective ways to deliver our services.

I’m ready to take my knowledge and experience and bring it to Orange County to give the residents of our wonderful county what they deserve, and I hope I can count on your support!

Sweeton ends bid for County Executive

June 7, 2013; press release

"I am not ending my efforts to restore open and honest government to Orange County.  I have laid out a clear, specific platform to address the serious issues facing our County and I will carefully evaluate how the remaining candidates stand on these issues."


Why is Steve Neuhaus buying fake grassroots support?

May 29, 2013; press release

Today, as the Orange County Republican Party prepares to endorse a candidate for County Executive at tonight’s convention, Steve Neuhaus’s Facebook Page has become a symbol of the kind of politics we in Orange County are trying to put behind us.


Present and former Newburgh mayors throw support to Sweeton platform

May 25, 2013; press release

Michael Sweeton, Warwick Town Supervisor and candidate for County Executive, announced today that former Newburgh Mayor Nick Valentine (R) and the current Mayor Judy Kennedy (D) have endorsed Sweeton’s proposals for increased sales tax revenue sharing to all municipalities.


Sweeton commends campaign finance proposal

May 21, 2013; press release

"I heartily endorse the concepts outlined in the proposal by County Legislator Michael Anagnostakis.  Mike plans to propose a law to limit campaign contributions from firms that are awarded no-bid contracts with the County."


Walkill GOP endorses Sweeton

May 15, 2013; press release

The Town of Wallkill Republican Committee on May 14th gave its strong endorsement for the Republican nomination for County Executive to Warwick Town Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton. This endorsement is the second in a row for Sweeton at the end of a long period during which the two Republican candidates for County Executive have vied for local support.


Blooming Grove GOP endorses Sweeton

May 10, 2013; press release

Joining the ranks of Warwick and Minisink, the Town of Blooming Grove Republican Committee has endorsed Michael Sweeton as its preferred candidate for Orange County Executive.


Sweeton talks prison property plans with Realtors

April 27, 2013; press release

Michael P. Sweeton recently addressed about thirty members of the Hudson-Gateway Association of Realtors.  Sweeton focused on the current status and prospects for future business development of the former Mid-Orange Correctional Facility.


Sweeton defends Orange County

April 26, 2013; press release

“Don’t mess with Orange” is Michael P. Sweeton’s advice to a federal court judge from New York City. “It is clear the Judge Colleen McMahon’s comments are way off base."


Sweeton takes stock after Diana withdrawal

April 24, 2013; press release

"Ed’s announcement will throw the Orange County political world into chaos for a short time, but also clarifies for the Republican Party and its voters the very clear choice they now have before them."


Sweeton reacts to Diana withdrawal

April 23, 2013; press release

Michael P. Sweeton issued the following statement in reaction to Ed Diana’s announcement that he will not seek a fourth term as County Executive.


Former Montgomery supervisor joins Sweeton team

April 11, 2013; press release

Al Valk, former Town Supervisor of Montgomery, threw his formal support today to Warwick Town Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton’s candidacy for Orange County Executive.


Former Sweeton opponent for Supervisor endorses him

April 9, 2013; press release

Penny Steyer, former Democratic Party opponent of Sweeton’s six years ago has joined with dozens of other non-Republicans in supporting Sweeton for County Executive.

“I have chosen to support Michael Sweeton, Supervisor of the Town of Warwick, for the position of Orange County Executive,” Steyer says. “He brings a special set of experiences and talents to the race.”


Sweeton meets with two former Crawford Supervisors

April 7, 2013; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor and County Executive candidate Michael P. Sweeton met recently with two former Supervisors of the Town of Crawford, Eileen Kelly and Mike Jamison, drawing high praise from each for what they termed Sweeton’s understanding of local issues, his bold platform initiatives in support of local governments and his willingness to share his platform and vision in specific terms.


Court upholds Valley View rescue

March 21, 2013; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton applauded a State Supreme Court decision upholding the County Legislature's override of Ed Diana's veto of their budget plan, effectively blocking Diana from singlehandedly defunding and closing Valley View Nursing Home.


Former Dubois confidant and adviser joins Sweeton team

March 20, 2013; press release

The Sweeton for County Executive Committee announced today that Kevin Hayden, former three-term Middletown City Alderman and former advisor to Sheriff Carl Dubois, would be joining the Sweeton campaign as a senior advisor and strategist, effective immediately.


Depew endorses Sweeton during own re-election announcement

March 19, 2013; press release

Wallkill Supervisor Dan Depew paused in his own announcement last Friday of his intention to run for re-election to introduce “my friend, Michael P. Sweeton, Supervisor of the Town of Warwick.” What seemed to shock everyone in the crowd was the uncharacteristic frankness of a political leader who told the crowd of more than 200 that he was 100% behind Sweeton's candidacy for County Executive.


Two esteemed OC Town Supervisors endorse Sweeton

March 19, 2013; press release

Two of Orange County’s long serving and most highly respected Town Supervisors, Lewis Lain of Minisink and George Hossan of Greenville have endorsed the candidacy of Warwick Town Supervisor, Michael P. Sweeton for County Executive.


Mayors and lawmakers of Warwick's villages endorse Sweeton

March 5, 2013; press release

The campaign for Michael Sweeton for County Executive announced today that Sweeton had received the unanimous endorsement of all three Mayors of Warwick’s three villages as well as Village Board members for those three villages: Warwick, Greenwood Lake and Florida. In addition, Sweeton has also garnered the support of all four members of the Warwick Town Board.


Sweeton campaign objects to backroom Independence “endorsement”

March 5, 2013; press release

The recent press release by the Neuhaus campaign that their candidate already has the nomination of the Independence Party “in the bag” is an insult to the 11,000-plus enrolled Independence voters in Orange County, who are being taken for a ride by a self-proclaimed “county chairman.”


Warwick GOP overwhelmingly endorses Sweeton

February 14, 2013; press release

The Town of Warwick Republican Committee, by a vote of more than 82%, gave their endorsement for the Republican nomination for County Executive to Warwick Town Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton.  This puts Sweeton in the lead in the quest for the greatest number of weighted votes for the first time since local committees began interviewing candidates and giving endorsements.


Sweeton commends Pillmeier on breaking deadlock

February 9, 2013; press release

Orange County Executive candidate Michael P. Sweeton today commended County Legislature Chairman Michael Pillmeier for his leadership in forging a bipartisan solution to the long deadlock over the fate of the County Government Center.


Minisink Republicans endorse Sweeton

February 1, 2013; release, Town of Minisink Republican Cmte.

The Town of Minisink Republican Committee has endorsed Warwick Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton to be the Republican candidate for the position of County Executive in this year’s race.


Warwick and NYS agree on Town’s purchase of prison

January 26, 2013; press release

Warwick Supervisor Michael Sweeton announced today that the State of New York has accepted an offer by the Town of Warwick to purchase the former Mid-Orange Correction Facility on Kings Highway between Warwick and Chester.


Sweeton far outpaces rivals in campaign contributions

January 21, 2013; press release

January periodic reports filed recently with the New York State Board of Elections show Michael Sweeton raised $132,000 over the previous six months, compared to $46,000 for Steve Neuhaus and $32,550 for Ed Diana.


Sweeton calls on Bartlett to withdraw from veto override case

January 13, 2013; press release

Citing the fact that Judge Catherine Bartlett is Republican County Chairman Bill DeProspo’s wife and  that DeProspo is one of County Executive Ed Diana’s key advisors, Supervisor Michael Sweeton has demanded that Judge Bartlett immediately recuse herself and withdraw from consideration of this case.


Sweeton blasts Diana for ignoring act of Legislature

December 21, 2012; opinion piece

Ed Diana’s most recent decision affecting the Valley View Nursing Home defies logic. It stands as his latest in a long line of irresponsible pursuits of “my way or the highway” governing, a hallmark of his approach to this matter from the beginning of the debate.


Sweeton commends Legislators for veto override

December 13, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton praised County Legislators today for yesterday’s 19-2 vote to override County Executive Edward Diana’s veto of the Legislature’s budget amendment. That amendment included money to fund Valley View Nursing Home for the full 2013 fiscal year.


Sweeton castigates Diana for budget veto

December 2, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton said today that the County Executive’s veto of the Legislative Budget “was unnecessary and ill-advised.” He urged the County Legislature to invoke its authority to override the veto.


Sweeton welcomes Neuhaus to race for County Executive

November 17, 2012; press release

“Steve Neuhaus’s official entry into next year’s County Executive’s race came as a surprise to no one who is even a casual observer of the Orange County political scene,” said Michael Sweeton who declared his candidacy two months ago. “He’s been campaigning for over a year to try to lock up the traditional Republican Party structure vote.”


Sweeton commends legislators for Valley View compromise

November 17, 2012; press release

“The Orange County Legislature took a big step toward reviving their credibility when they voted today to fund the Valley View Nursing Home for a full year,” proclaimed Michael P. Sweeton, Warwick Supervisor and candidate for County Executive.


Sweeton: High-priced Diana stonewalling "a disgrace"

November 13, 2012; press release

"The recent revelation that our County Executive, Ed Diana, has spent nearly $60,000 on legal fees to concoct a scenario that would keep him from testifying about what he knew relative to the Valley View Nursing Home and the Government Center is a disgrace," charged County Executive candidate Michael Sweeton.


Sweeton likes apparent progress on Valley View

November 12, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor and County Executive candidate Michael P. Sweeton reacted positively to recent efforts by CSEA chief William Oliphant and County Legislators Roxanne Donnery and Michael Anagnostakis to move the debate over the future of the Valley View Nursing Home forward.


Warwick Supervisor rebuffs Diana's threats

October 19, 2012; press release

In a letter dated Oct 17, 2012 from our County Executive to Orange County’s Mayors and Supervisors, Ed Diana threatened to cut the municipalities’ share of county sales tax revenues. "The tone of this letter is disturbing,” said Michael P. Sweeton, President of the Association of Mayors and Supervisors.


Sweeton proposes plan for Valley View

October 16, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton called today for all parties in the debate over the future of the Valley View Nursing Home to put aside politics and personalities and get behind an aggressive plan to find a solution.


Video: Sweeton responds to presentation outside Valley View

October 12, 2012; SherylThomas.com

Warwick Town Supervisor, Michael Sweeton, gives his immediate reaction to Ed Diana's presentation on the Valley View facility.


Sweeton issues sharp rebuke to Diana's budget address

October 1, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor, Michael Sweeton, reacted sharply today to County Executive Ed Diana's combative Annual Budget Address last Friday.


Sweeton: Did OAS drive up costs?

September 27, 2012; The Warwick Advertiser

Warwick Supervisor Michael Sweeton last week called for an independent investigation into County Executive Ed Diana's push to sell Valley View nursing home. Sweeton called on legislators to take action ahead of news about the home's fate, which the county budget proposal, due Sept. 28, is expected to reveal.


Valley View scandal escalates

September 19, 2012; press release

New facts that surfaced this past week in at least two articles in various Orange County weekly newspapers have raised additional questions about improprieties or possible legal wrongdoing with regard to the County’s handling of the Valley View Nursing Home..


Sweeton trashes Diana's "10% personnel reduction" plan

September 11, 2012; press release

Republican candidate for County Executive Michael P. Sweeton has called upon the County Executive, Ed Diana, to re-think his recent call to have all county elected officials, commissioners and directors prepare a 10% personnel reduction plan for their departments.


Sweeton: Valley View report not enough

September 7, 2012; press release

Orange County Executive candidate Michael P. Sweeton has called the report of the special legislative committee to investigate the Valley View Nursing Home scandal “a valiant effort” but noted the report is still inconclusive in many respects. “County Executive Edward Diana’s (and others) refusal to testify, and the committee’s willingness to conclude its investigation without pursuing the reluctant witnesses, led to this,” said Sweeton.


Warwick takes lead in rectifying health care cost mess

September 1, 2012; press release

This past week the Town of Warwick became one of the first towns in Orange County to negotiate a contract with one of its public service unions that calls for current employees to pay some of their own health insurance costs. The contract with its CSEA local unit requires current employees to pay 10% of their health insurance premiums.


Sweeton tells 300: I’m in the race for County Executive

August 31, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor Michael P. Sweeton told a crowd of over 300 people that he’s running for County Executive in next year’s (2013) race for Orange County Executive. The event took place at the Warwick Valley Winery on Little York Road in the Town of Warwick.


Sweeton calls on Diana to rethink his order

August 13, 2012; press release

Warwick Town Supervisor, Michael Sweeton, today issued the “strongest of statements” to County Executive Edward Diana that the progress of economic development in Orange County will be irreparably set back if the County Executive goes through with his current plan. “Economic development is the life-blood of Orange County,” Sweeton said. “And because this will confuse business prospects with multiple points of contact, it will hurt the prospects for economic development.”


My View: County government must put an end to theatrics

August 9, 2012; Times Herald Record

(By Michael P. Sweeton.) Good government requires honest leadership, open communication, mutual respect and being able to agree to disagree, but to do so with civility. Orange County government is in desperate need of all four.


Orange County Rising Stars award winners announced

July 23, 2012; Times Herald Record

The 2012 Orange County's Rising Stars Awards recognize people ages 21-40 who are up-and-coming leaders in their professional and volunteer lives. Nominees live, work or volunteer in Orange County.


Warwick declared Appalachian Trail community

July 4, 2012; Warwick Advertiser

The Town of Warwick took center stage on the last day of June 2012 as residents spent the day celebrating the town’s designation as the first Appalachian Trail Community in New York State... The Appalachian Trail Community program serves to assist communities with sustainable economic development through tourism and outdoor recreation, while preserving and protecting the Appalachian Trail.


Chinese delegation visits prison site

June 29, 2012; Warwick Advertiser

The Town of Warwick held a welcoming ceremony last Friday morning, June 22, for a delegation from The Peoples Republic of China who had expressed an interest in forming a sister city relationship and exploring the possibility of establishing an agricultural college on the grounds of the now vacant Mid-Orange Correctional Facility.